Coaching Stock

Anti Vibration System

Anti Vibration system plays a vital role in the Coach during the train journey to increase the Passenger's comfort level & safe journey.

A new technology has introduced in Anti Vibration System i.e. AIR SUSPENSION for all All our solutions are designed, developed and tested in World-class and RDSO Approved facilities. Our reputation rests on our ability to deliver compliant and pioneering solutions that enhance equipment, comfort and safety while reducing downtime, maintenance and long-term cost of ownership.

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Braking System

Brake is an essential feature to retard and stop the railway vehicle within the minimum possible time.

For the last two decades, the Indian Railway has introduced High-Speed trains in INDIA to minimize the traveling time of long Journeys and provide the best mobility solutions. Tayalco has Designed, Develop, and Manufactured the Axle Mounted Disc Brake System for high-speed trains with Technical Collaboration of World Class OEM….

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Air Suspension Control Equipment

Air suspension, also called pneumatic suspension, uses the properties of air for the cushioning effect (springiness). It is a proven technology on Indian Railways and is being used on EMUs & ICF Bogie for the last many years. Now, these have been introduced in mainline coaches with FIAT bogies because it is technically superior in many ways.

Air Suspension Control Equipment has controlled the Air Pressure and maintained the standard height of AIR SPRINGs according to the load variation in the Coaches.

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Smoke Detection System

A smoke detector is a device that senses smoke, typically as an indicator of fire. System issue a signal to a fire alarm control panel as a part of a fire alarm system, while household detectors, known as smoke alarm, generally issue a local audible or visual alarm from the detector itself in the coach.

In the railways fire accidents are occurred due to electrical short circuits, wood materials, flammable materials, derailments, collision, conflicts. In order to reach an optimal level of safety for the fire protection onboard rolling stock it is essential to choose the most suitable Smoke detection system.

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Failure Indication Cum Brake Application (FIBA)

Failure Indication & Brake Application Device (FIBA) Air springs used in the secondary suspension of FIAT Bogie coaches tend to fail. Hence , a mechanism is required to inform the failure of the springs to the driver so that the speed can be regulated to a safe speed or auto actuation of braking to a reasonable limit to avoid damage to the coach.

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Inter Coach Gangway

Inter-car gangways are intended for passing from one car to the next one, and they often consist of an enclosure, a sliding frame and a connecting bridge. Inter-car gangways can be with the closed contour, which provides the complete enclosure of the passage, or with an unclosed contour closing only the sides and the top of the passage. Inter-car gangways without the sliding frame, but with rubber tubes, are applied for passenger coaches . In their bottom part, between the pair of buffers 3, buffer coupling is located, whereon connecting bridge 2 rests, closing the automatic coupler and providing safe passage for passengers. Relative displacements of cars are compensated for by deformation of the rubber tubes.

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